Atomic Reach is a content optimization company that has developed software and plugins that assess written text and offers solutions to make the author's writing more internet friendly. I was brought on to the team to give all graphic aspects a new, current look that matched the tone of the company. This meant redesigning everything, from documents to the website to the user interface of several applications.

The first task was setting up some guides to follow. The flexible Roboto families became the font options. The colours previously used were very saturated shades or red, blue, green, orange and yellow against dark grey or black background. I revised the colours with more muted and flexible options and made use of white space to warm everything up. This new tone really fit the personality of Atomic Reach.

Several strategies were already in place to promote the company and its products to the online community. The main three were the AtomicBlog, the Content Hub and the AtomicNewsletter. Though different from one another, they overlap and work together as a main tool of the marketing department.

See below for some sample graphics.

Since starting at Atomic Reach there have been numerous advertising campaigns launch. Campaigns covered everything from Google Ads, advertising on partners' websites and social media campaigns.

See below for some samples.