Citizen Catering

I designed the logo below for the newly opened Citizen Catering. The client wanted a logo that represented his mission, which was to bring to quality food to the city and everyone within. The bold, modern look not only fit his personality but also stood out from his competition.

A photo of the front window’s decal. As a shop on the street, signage has to stand out to attract notice. This has proven effective in that regard.

Here are a few elements mocked up. Stationary, office-bound lunch menus, take-away bags, cases, business cards, even pins.

Citizen Catering business cards. Simple and bold.

The company website was created entirely with the use of Adobe's Muse application. As such, little coding was required and the site went from mockups to a live product quickly and efficiently

E-blasts were sent out to announce the launch of Chris Brown's new company, Citizen Catering. E-blasts were sent out with the online survey software SurveyGizmo.

Other promotional samples: e-blasts and the ‘What's for Launch’ Contest graphic.

Photos from the company's launch party.