At my core I am a visual storyteller. Every brand has a story to share just as every product is an organized narrative. I help clients compose (and often revise) their unique story, organize product narratives for meaningful user experiences, and most effectively share both with the world.

A background in corporate design has grounded me on a wealth of branding, layout, presentation and typographic experiences. They have only evolved as I went on to apply them to website design, digital marketing, and user interface design in a variety of startup environments. I’ve spent time focusing on everything from visual design, to web design, to animation, to iOS design and development. 

Now, in this (amazing) internet age of constant innovations, I wear numerous in hats in the realms of social media and digital marketing, e-commerce, and user experience and interface. I continue to practice personal passions such as digital illustration and creative typography. 

Looking to connect? I am always up for a coffee date!