AtomicInsights UI/UX

AtomicInsights is the dashboard companion to the writing software, AtomicWriter. With the company rebrand underway, one of its key products needed a new face. As such, I designed and reworked the user flow of AtomicInsights. 

The main goal was to cut down on the amount the user needed to read and make what was most valued by users front and center. Much of this was achieved by putting detailed information in hover-overs and by simplifying information graphics.

The Content section is where users can quickly view their content. They can see how they or their contributors have been writing. It acts as a scoring map and a content index for quick yet informative overviews.  

The Perfomance section lets the user see how their content has been doing overall. It is also where customer can see their return on investment (ROI) in the AtomicSuite. 

The Audience Activity section came into existance once the team understood that knowing when to post was of the highest value to customers. It offered a place where customers could see when content performed the best, allowing them to publish content accordingly.

Before development began it was crucial that stakeholders were identified as they're invested interests would direct the development of the functionality and design of AtomicInsights.

AtomicInsights was developed in an agile environment. Interactive development allowed trials with users that could give feedback on functionality. The user experience was focused on instead of the user interface. The look was crude and quickly assembled, but the results and feedback directed the development and eventually the design of the interface.