OPP: Provincial Operations Centre

The Provincial Operations Centre is a centralization of information management and operational deployments for the Province in a 24/7/365 real-time environment.

The Provincial Operations Centre (POC) is designed to fulfill the requirements of a modernized central command for Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Operations. This includes: an information management concept; a central provincial communication linkage; provincial tracking of operations; a true operational Duty Office and a single point of contact for senior executives, OPP personnel, other government agencies and police services to access situational awareness for the Province of Ontario.

Understanding the challenge

Like many complex systems, it took a lot of communication with all stakeholder to come to an understanding of both what was needed and what was possible.

In short, there's a new Orillia based monitoring station that housed monitoring or social media, analysts, and officers. Screens could be shared among workstation monitors and wall mounted touch displays.
The whole center was of a new build and required a new and improved interface to match. 

Rapid prototyping & testing

There were two inferences that were designed from the ground up. The first was the touch screen monitor. One of these monitors is at every workstation. They are meant to be an easy way to chat with others, make and receive calls, share screens, and control wall screens.

The prototyping process was all about understanding where the functionality could sit, then testing to discover the best use case. As such, there were dozens of iterations. Unlike typical interfaces, the touch element that was not on a mobile device meant many traditional rules didn't apply. 

Eventually, the best direction for the workstations started to present itself. While continuing to work on them I began working on the touch screen main control.

The main control is a 32" touch screen that's both controls the room and modifies the system. As such, there is general room control and a login-enabled preferences and setup section. Again, there was the process of ideating and testing solutions with rapid prototyping. 

The interface

The was substantial creative freedom when it came to the interface of the system. The only requirement was to make the clients happy and supply a look that truly felt like the OPP. I researched colour schemes the organization employs and selected colours that matched both look and messaging.

The end result made all stakeholders happy. The final design was inspired by the uniforms of the men and women that serve the province and the cars they spend their days in.

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